Guide to Freedom

I decided to start this website as a way to reach other post secondary students and young professionals; I wanted to provide an accessible resource to use when they find themselves struggling academically or emotionally (of course these often go hand in hand).

The site grew as I gained more experience and as I had more then one friend come to me for financial advice,  advice on moving out, and other general "adulting" topics. The reason I have pet care information on here is because I have found  that pets are a fantastic way to promote stability and boost your mood, but I think sometimes people underestimate the needs of certain critters. 

This site has become an outlet for me to share my experiences across the few areas that I have found to be key to maintaining my mental health, and succeeding in university. I will also use it to promote animal welfare and environmentally friendly habits. As someone that is in the last year of their undergraduate degree, that has been consistently working through that degree, moved to multiple different living situations, been diagnosed with a chronic illness (endometriosis), and is a high functioning autistic person with ADHD. I really hope this website will prove to be a useful resource for at least a few.

The mental health of young people is a hot topic but resources are limited. I'm beyond lucky to have found the professionals that have helped me through these last few years. Some of my friends haven't been as lucky, and this was the best way I could think of to help.

- Talia Grace


About Me

Age: 26.

Height: 5'1.

Education: University of Toronto HBA. Sociology Major, Biology and Religion Minors.

Favourite Colour: Purple.

Pets I have: Cat, Bearded Dragon.

Pets I want: Dog, Fish.

Hobbies: Running, Reading, Piano.

Pet Peeves: Basically any noise, bright lights, crowded spaces. Also rude people... prejudiced people etc. you get it.