ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder

ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder are well known but many who are affected by them are unsure how to deal with them. 

For anyone looking to learn more about ASD, I'd highly recommend doing some research on Temple Grandin (See Video); she's a highly successful Autistic biologist and has some wonderful books and videos that I will continue topost here. Futher, Tony Attwood is a psychologist that specializes in autism and has fantastic resources and books on his website, some of which I have posted below.

For ADHD alone, I recommend looking at as they have fantastic resources, and frequent workshops where you can meet with coaches (such as myself) who devote their lives to helping others cope with their struggles!

Finally, I myself have done a few blog posts (and have many more to come), about dealing with ADHD and ASD. You can see them on my homepage and topic suggestions are always welcomed! I'm doing this blog for you guys so I would love to know what you need help with!

Tony Attwood - Asperger's in Girls

Little attention has been paid to girls on the spectrum up until now. For ages I questioned my own diagnosis because of my apparent ability to communicate with people even though I knew that it was all a facade.


Once I watched this, it lifted all of my doubts and explained so many of the problems I've encountered and experiences that I've had. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone; Tony Attwood is also a fantastic speaker and will keep you well entertained. 

Max Derrat - Podcast and Channel

I had the pleasure of working with Max on his podcast titled "Differently Wired" episode 12. Max is a fellow aspie that has created a YouTube series called "The Truth About Asperger's Syndrome" (TTAAS) which has been very successful in educating thousands of people about Asperger's. If you're looking for an efficient way to learn about Asperger's then do make sure you watch the the TTAAS series.


If you have the time, then go for the podcast! The podcast episodes are about an hour long each, whereas the TTAAS episodes range from about 10-15 minutes each.