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12 Money Saving AND Environmentally Friendly Products

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Something that I have learned over the past few years is that..... LIFE IS EXPENSIVE. Money management is extremely stressful and is generally a learning process. So, please learn from my mistakes; buy some (or all) of these items over the next few months or so. Yes, some of the upfront costs are hard to stomach but believe me when I say they will pay off over time... again... learn from my mistakes! Also, review your credit card statements regularly to see if there's any subscriptions and memberships you can cut out. I just did that and I'm now saving $30/month that has been going down the drain for the past few months *soft sob*... so yeah, be vigilant about these things.

I've attached a link at the bottom for more possible investment products.

1. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - just add them to your weekly laundry instead of buying paper towels.

2. Dryer Balls - Never buy dryer sheets again! I love mine! This is especially helpful for anyone using coin laundry.

3. Mop Pads - Replace your disposable Swiffer pads with these. Again, just toss them in the laundry.

4. Reusable K Cup - For anyone that doesn't want to part with their fancy coffee machine... I understand, use this though!

5. Kindle or Kobo - E-books are less expensive as it is, and Virgin Mobile often has coupons for further discounts!

6. Travel Mug - Most coffee shops now (at least the ones that I know of) will knock 10 cents or so off the price which if you buy enough, will add up quickly. OR you could take this one step further and bring your own coffee from work or home.

7. Brita - For anyone that hates the taste of their city water, use a Brita and save tons on purchasing water bottles.

8. Water Bottle - With or without the Brita filter, having a water bottle everywhere you go will save you loads on purchasing drinks elsewhere, and you'll be encouraged to stay more hydrated.

9. Lunch Containers - No more sandwich baggies! You can also add to this and just try to pack at least one meal or snack a day. Do a little bit of meal prep, and stop buying disposable plastic bags.

10. Produce Saver Containers - I just bought myself some of these. I live alone so buying fruits and veggies is frustrating because they often go bad before I finish with them, making it wasteful in more ways then one. Instead of buying those pre-packaged and pre-chopped, and very expensive veggie trays, just buy one set of produce savers and save on your grocery bill!

12. Thinx, or Hannah Pads, or Diva Cup - Ladies! Stop buying pads and tampons every month, think about how much that costs over time! If you're not into the Diva Cup, then consider one of the other two.


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