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Coping Strategies for Anxiety During COVID - 19

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

The only way I"m able to stay sane right now is by going outside (while keeping distance of course) and talking to my friends via text and social media non stop. Pretty well everyone is on edge right now because the COVID-19 Pandemic has essentially forced people into self isolation. Even as a student, my courses are in the process of being shifted online, my workplace has closed, and my immediate family is in another city, and most of them are still going to work; which in itself is concerning. Additionally, I can't go see my grandparents who I typically live with due to the fact that they would be so susceptible to this virus.

Before anything else, I want to share this video I saw this morning on Breakfast Television to highlight the fact that there are many amazing people who are doing everything they can to help the situation.

Additionally, I want to be sure to point out, is that a lot of professionals (teachers, personal trainers, grocery store associates, as well as health and safety professionals) are doing an OUTSTANDING job of either shifting their services online, or working overtime to keep people as safe and as healthy as they can. I've seen so many of my friends who have become teachers, and personal trainers I've known promoting their willingness to help on instagram and facebook.

As far as coping strategies go, the most common suggestions are meditation and yoga for which free sessions are all over youtube, I will link some at the bottom that I have personally used and found helpful.

A lot of articles will say something like "do something you enjoy! a hobby!" and if you're anything like me, you haven't had the time, money, or energy to take up a hobby in years because life...

With that being said, here are some suggestions that I've found helpful and a link to the meditation app I keep talking to everyone about (called SHINE) because it's AWESOME and not robotic, it's real people you'll often know of sharing their stories (e.g. Michelle Kwan did a session).

1. Call your friends and/or family via zoom/facetime and watch something together while doing so.

2. Re-watch or re-read your favourite childhood series.

3. Foam roll! I wouldn't have gotten through my last semesters at the U of T without foam rolling to release so much tension from my body.

4. Run, walk, bike. I see tons of people when I go (of course keep a healthy distance).

5. Also keep a healthy distance from newscasts. I've honestly found BT Toronto to be the only newscast I enjoy because I find it to be well balanced and informative. Once I've checked n the morning, I stay away for the rest of the day.

6. If you can, do take up a hobby! I used to teach myself ukulele because it was fun, easy, and you can play your favourite songs quite quickly. I used this website to teach myself:


Most importantly, while the whole world seems like it's one big dumpster fire, remember that there are amazing people out there trying to remedy the situation, and it will pass in time.

Stay safe and healthy! Here are the links:

SHINE for iOS - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/shine-calm-anxiety-stress/id1293721589

Andriod - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shinetext.shine&hl=en_CA

Stretch that will make you feel awesome:

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