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7 Easy Eco Friendly Lifestyle Changes

This was an instagram post I did a couple of years ago that got a decent amount of attention so I thought I'd redo it.

#1 Shop at thrift stores!

The fashion industry has become a huge polluter as clothing becomes more trendy and often more disposable. You'll also save a huge amount of money, and be contributing to a good cause as many thrift stores donate to non profits and the clothes are more accessible to those in need.

#2 On that note, donate to thrift stores! Even if you have no use for something, someone else probably will. Value Village also provides discounts for bags donated.

#3 Make your own cleaning solutions.

White vinegar + distilled water... that's all you need. (You can distill water by boiling it)

#4 Carpool, public transit, etc. Especially in nice weather!

#5 Eat Less Meat.

If you don't want to cut it out entirely then just choose a day or two a week to go meat free.

#6 Use Reusable Bags.

They're so much stronger and easier to carry anyway, I'm not sure why anyone would prefer plastic.

#7 Sell your old electronics! (and everything else)...

If there's stuff that you don't want to donate because it was expensive to buy, then just sell it online. I've sold multiple old electronic devices, old musical instruments, and a few purses. You'll make money and prevent some carbon emissions that would have been brought by yet one more product being produced new.

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