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Month One in the Fitness Industry

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

At the beginning of July, I enrolled in a personal training course to prepare for the career in health and fitness that I recently decided on. Since then, I've attained a job at a gym in Toronto (www.flexzonia.com) and there are a few things that have stood out to me during this huge learning process.

The Importance of your Support System:

I've never considered the social life of anyone to be particularly important because it has rarely been a factor that has interfered with my gym schedule. I tend to workout early in the morning and I've never enjoyed staying out late for this very reason. As a result, if a gathering is likely to interfere with my workout, I'll either plan around it, or leave early (or just not go at all). So, when my instructor started talking about clients getting side tracked or thrown off their course because of their friends, I miraculously remembered that many (if not most) people won't behave this way. It could certainly be seen as rude, clients may enjoy such events and not want to miss them, there's any number of reasons that someone would not make working out their #1 priority.

So my advice to anyone that's wanting to or planning to get into better shape in the near future, is develop your support system as quickly as possible. The effect that a couple of late nights at a bar or parties can have not only on your body, but on your mindset is enough to throw anyone off course. Get your friends and family on board, you don't want to be 4 months into a 6 month contract with your new trainer and then lose your motivation! You'll have worked so hard to get to where you are!

Do Cardio After Resistance Training:

In short, you want to build the muscle, and then burn the fat. Different systems are at work here, you need to exhaust the first system before cardio will have any significant affect on fat loss.

The Value in Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes:

To add to my first point, having a community of like minded people with many of the same goals will have a huge impact on both your early progress as well as maintaining all this hard work. If personal training is not in your budget, then I would highly recommend looking for some group fitness classes to join in on. The results I attain from my workouts now are not even comparable to those I was getting prior to joining group fitness classes or teams.

Not only is it likely to result in a healthier and more effective approach to improving your fitness level, but so much of that imperative social support will come from these groups. Without a doubt, you'll meet people that are in the same position and others that have been there before.

Never worry about being judged, the people working in fitness didn't just wake up one day looking toned and strong. Everyone's weight and body fat levels fluctuate for various reasons and they've entered this industry to help guide you through those rough spots and get you from A to B more smoothly.

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