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5 Things People with ASD Need You to Know

1. It's like you're living in another world. No one speaks the same language, and you're just constantly trying to put pieces together. This is the price part; most people don't understand that trying to make last minute plans, loud noises, or certain topics of conversation can completely throw me off and result in an instant meltdown. If I forget my noise cancelling headphones, I'm doomed for the day. Or that when I'm walking down the street, I'm taking in every single detail so it's very overwhelming. I personally, look for patterns constantly in phone numbers, or address numbers. In a matter of moments I can identify multiple relationships between the digits, or I'll count the number of lines on an object for no reason other then I want to.

2. There's no such things as "looking autistic"

Autism has no physical characteristics. That's all I can say about that.

3. We're not all savants.

Yes, we all tend to have very narrow interests and this can (and often does) result in excelling in those areas. Savant Syndrome is completely different from Autism, many savants are autistic but not all autistic people are savants.

4. Not everyone is "a little autistic" There is INFURIATING.

No. If you're not autistic, you don't know what it's like. The spectrum is large yes; but in the end, you're either on it or your not. Don't sit here and explain to me that you know how I feel in a situation. Don't talk to me about how your cousin is also sensitive to sound or touch. Autism will affect EVERY part of a person's life and it will be a daily struggle. Not just one or two things that you or someone you know has in common with the list of symptoms.

5. We don't want to (or need to) be fixed.

I LOVE my Autism. I'm constantly seeing things that none of my friends see. I can focus on details and manipulate projects to make them go how I need them to go. I love that I care SO much less about what everyone else thinks. Does this come at a price? sure, but I love that when I meet someone new they tell me that I seem genuine, or that I'm very articulate, or unique.

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