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The Importance of Routines

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

In my first post, (link at the end) I touched on the importance of baby steps and small victories. I mention this again because it has been a big part of what has kept me going and helped get me through some rough spots. What I did, was establish two different routines: a regular routine, and a depression routine (yes, a depression routine).

A depression routine will consist only of what absolutely cannot be ignored in a day for example: walking the dog, or making some food. By establishing this routine, you can stop beating yourself up for not doing something that isn't absolutely necessary, and remind yourself of what's really important. Moreover, you can reward yourself for getting through those few tasks that are absolutely required and that should help boost your mood.

For me, this started as doing a tiny bit of homework, maybe just one or two 20 minute sessions of reading, while drinking my favourite tea. Once I got a little bit better, I started doing small workouts just in my apartment (I wasn't too keen on going anywhere, but some for me exercise is a requirement). I slowly worked my way up to a point where I was able to just step into the athletic centre, and then I felt the urge to return to my swim team.

The main focuses here are accepting how you're feeling, and adjusting your life accordingly. There are some things that can't be avoided and going to work if often one of them. You can only call in sick every so often without risking your job and sometimes taking a day off just isn't financially feasible. Dealing with how to cope at work is a different topic, but if you can find one small thing to make the 8 hours slightly less daunting (maybe go buy a new book or reward yourself with that jacket you wanted) then go for it. Again, baby steps and small victories. Routines are also very helpful for anyone that is neuro-atypical (e.g. ADHD) and for someone that is on the autism spectrum they're pretty much mandatory to stay on track.

Coming soon: Easy and healthy meals for when "everything is garbage". *Insert Captain Holt GIF* #brooklyn99


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