Private Coaching 


The purpose of these sessions is to provide those struggling with ASD or ADHD with an opportunity to discuss both their mental health and academic concerns in a safe, judgement free environment.

Sessions can be either online or in person depending on location. I am happy to coach students or parents that have a child struggling with moderate or mild ASD or ADHD.


Speaking Engagements


With mental health resources being as limited as they are in most colleges and universities, it is more important than ever to provide insight and guidance to teenagers, kids and young adults and current post secondary students as much as possible. If women's health is more relevant for your situation I'm also more than happy to discuss that.


 Feel free to contact me to discuss details of either group meetings or assemblies, I'd be happy to help!

Semi Private Coaching 

These sessions are meant for students that want someone with first hand (and very recent) experience in post secondary education, to provide guidance on things like: changing schools, changing programs, choosing their school, study tips, and stress management.

I'd also like to encourage grade 11 and 12 students to take advantage of these sessions as well! The earlier you learn about the environment of university and college the better it can be handled.


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